“…and a little child shall lead them.”

The past few weeks, school buses have begun their daily routes through town, and kids waiting at bus stops are outfitted in the latest fashion. Seeing them reminds me of shopping for my own boys in preparation of a new school year and thinking each time: “How did they grow so much over the summer? What happened?!!”

Seems to me that this past summer has been all about what is happening with the children – the world’s children, as the news has been riveted on their plight and suffering. And it should be. The images of children in war zones, hospitals, and refugee camps, those far away and those right here in the US on the Mexican border, are heartbreaking to those who have hearts. But as Mister Rogers urged when tempted to focus on scary things in the news, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” 

There are armies of Good Samaritans everywhere who, by focusing on the needs of the children first, transcend any polarizing political or religious positions and see clearly what practical steps can be taken. My heart fills with gratitude for these selfless individuals.

But I know there is more that can be done. This is a world responsibility, not one country more than another or one religion vs. another. All the caring citizens in all the afflicted countries can be helpers in alleviating the pain of the world’s children. There is something each of us can do.

Perhaps you are far from conflict regions and wonder “How can I make a difference?” You don’t have to be on the frontlines to make a difference…you can be at the forefront of prayer. Let your inherent love for the purity, innocence, and joy of children lead you in your prayer. You can be a helper-healer.

Begin with the assurance, the clarity, and the conviction that the Divine is supreme – all powerful, all wise, all loving, and all active for good to everyone, everywhere: “Our Father…Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Divinity embraces humanity here and now with the tenderness and wisdom to comfort our children and guide our communities and governments to appropriate action.

This prayer of affirmation of the allness of God and the unbreakable bond of Love for Her children is a substantive prayer because it is effective; it will show forth positive results.

When you might be tempted to get caught up in human reasoning that often leads to fevered arguments, one side overcoming another, and still there is no end to suffering…where do you go?

Could it be more hopeful and productive to turn away from fear and anger and ask, “Our Father-Mother Love…What is the most loving thing to know about Your children today?” In your own world, in your own situation, this will lead to healing thought and right action.

The prophet Isaiah witnessed the violence of conflicting tribes, but he also had a pure vision of peace here on earth when all that was required was to obey divine law:

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.” 

The question, “How to help the children?,” asked and satisfied heart by heart, neighbor by neighbor, and citizen by citizen, leads us moment by moment to care for humanity. This is what we all have been created to do by the Father and Mother of mankind. This is how important and vital saving all the world’s children is to humanity. We can do no less. All we need do is start right.

“God is universal; confined to no spot, defined by no dogma, appropriated by no sect. Not more to one than to all, is God demonstrable as divine Life, Truth, and Love; and His people are they that reflect Him — that reflect Love. Again, this infinite Principle, with its universal manifestation, is all that really is or can be; hence God is our Shepherd. He guards, guides, feeds, and folds the sheep of His pasture; and their ears are attuned to His call.” – Mary Baker Eddy 

I am delighted by videos that show flash mobs of musicians spontaneously appearing in crowded venues to entertain an unsuspecting public. When you see the smiles and laughter on faces young and old, aren’t you tickled by these unexpected musical gifts? The following is from a city plaza in Spain, where a young girl makes a simple gesture to begin “Ode to Joy.” (click here).

Make your simple gesture with a daily prayer of all-embracing love for the children. “May God be with you.” – Fred Rogers

How conscious are you of your consciousness?

…And are there weeds growing in your garden of thought?

There is a necessary conversation going on in the US today, on social media and in social commentaries, about the influence of bias in legal, employment, and social arenas: unequal, unfair, and often harmful treatment due to race, gender, or religion.

In the aftermath of the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri a couple of weeks ago, many thinkers are raising the question, “What is behind the actions that point to disparity between differing peoples…and how do we eliminate prejudice and injustice?”

Society’s actions are simply the output of the various strains of thought leading to behavior, so it is critical that each of us be alert to whatever influences are at work in our own thinking.

Sometimes these thoughts are so hidden and subtle in consciousness that they are not obvious until you have an emotional reaction – an outburst devoid of reason and clearly not based on your best intentions. It is as if a negative force has overpowered your natural inclination to be kind, compassionate, wise, good. This force, while directed to someone or something, is actually destructive to you and your best intentions.

However, once the negative thoughts are recognized for what they are (hostile and dangerous) by the ever-vigilant consciousness of your highest selfhood they can be eliminated. These harmful influences are not natural to who you are as a spiritual being inseparable from divine Spirit, that divine consciousness or spiritual Presence that has dominion over all. This is your only authority.

So if your intention is to do and be good, where do these sneaky condemning thoughts come from?

One of Jesus’ much-discussed parables in the Gospel of Matthew is the one about the tares and the wheat, also called the Parable of the Weeds. In the story, a farmer plants seeds of wheat in his field. Under a cover of darkness, an enemy of the farmer sows tares, or a type of weed that looks really similar to wheat when it sprouts. The farmworkers could tell that weeds were beginning to grow alongside the wheat and told the farmer. He knew right away where the weeds came from: “An enemy did this!”

What I love about this parable is that the farmer didn’t rush around the countryside looking for the enemy. Instead, he focused only on the field and how to secure the healthy wheat to the harvest.

When asked by his servants if they should weed out the tares right away, he said, basically, “No worries…the tares won’t hurt the good wheat while they both grow, but we need to be absolutely clear as to which sprout is which. Only at the harvest will we know for sure, then we can uproot the weeds and burn them.”

In other words, come the harvest, the weed will be obvious because only the wheat has the right result.

Jesus called this parable a metaphor for the kingdom of heaven. Mary Baker Eddy , in her bible commentary Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, specifically makes the direct connection to every individual’s spiritualized consciousness:

“Let unselfishness, goodness, mercy, justice, health, holiness, love – the kingdom of heaven – reign within us…”

Yes, the garden of a good heart and blessed consciousness has dominion! It does reign within us. So where then do destructive, biased, hostile thoughts come from in this wholly – and holy – harmonious consciousness inherent to each one of us? From a faceless, baseless, powerless enemy that is easily identified by its lack of good fruit or results.

Every harmful influence in your thought is your enemy and must be rooted out. Put another way, whatever is destructive to your neighbor and is not cast out of your thought is destructive to you – your life as an influence for good. You don’t want it.

What you do want is to see through or beyond the personal and physical differences of another person in order to focus on their divinely-bestowed individuality – those spiritual qualities or soul-identity of each one comprising all that they are. The kingdom of heaven in you sees only the kingdom of heaven in another individual.

Anyone who wants to focus on their spiritual growth must be alert:

“…first separate the tares from the wheat; discern between the thought, motive, and act superinduced by the wrong motive or the true—the God-given intent and volition—arrest the former, and obey the latter.” (Mary Baker Eddy)

Be conscious of your consciousness. Be what you already are.

Summer Moments that Transform Thought

“…and thou wilt find that harmonies,

In which the Soul hath part,

Ne’er perish young, like things of earth,

In records of the heart.”

These lines are from the last verse of the poem “June” by Mary Baker Eddy. The poem describes the summer beauty of sights, scents, and softness in New England where the winters can be harsh and long. But, inevitably and unfailingly, the heart-lifting moments and memories of summer return each year to bless the earth.

These particular summer days my thought must turn away from the harshness of the current news toward moments of harmony “…in which the Soul hath part…” in order to find some measure of peace and healing. All it takes is a moment, I have found, a moment of divine energy to transform thought from sadness to hope…including all humanity.

Outside my window I have watched a mother robin busily caring for her four just-hatched babies. (The photo above is by my grandson, Spencer.)

My heart soars at the mother’s care for her noisy, lively, and very demanding chicks. Oh!, I thought, such selfless devotion to her little ones! There is no question about what to do, no pausing to consider how, no discussion with other birds as to why – the natural inherent compelling response is devoted care. Until the babies become fledglings and can support themselves, the mother’s care is nonstop…and inevitable.

Yes, the inherent desire to care for children compels and impels, and the harmonious effect is inevitable, impartial, and universal. This love reflecting divine Love, Father-Mother God’s love, is in ever-present all-powerful operation and it cannot be ignored, hindered, or prevented.

Ah, this “summer moment” of watching momma bird certainly expanded effortlessly for me into a divine truth, that love reflecting Love always and ultimately operates for good, regardless of a past or present situation.

The lesson for me is to look for “summer moments” that illustrate the joy and love of life, the inevitability of harmony, the purity and innocence of being, the calming tranquility of peace. And then, see in the universality of these moments, where “…the Soul hath part…”, where the divine Presence moves, transforms, and heals all.

Here are a few of my favorite moments:

  • early morning light illuminating the clouds…and the setting sun captured in the mirror of the lake;
  • the sound of the ocean’s tide ebbing and flowing;
  • seeing something new for the first time – trying something new for the first time!;
  • laughing at a wonderful surprise…getting caught up in children’s laughter;
  • a hike in the mountains…an evening swim in the lake…a sky filled with stars;
  • a mouthful of sweet berries picked down the road.

These summer moments have seeds of peace, hope, joy, comfort – a divine energy – that grow in a nurturing heart. What is growing in your heart?

In the Glossary of Science and Health  for “Year” is this description of the power of moments here and now to transform and heal thought forever:

”One moment of divine consciousness, or the spiritual understanding of Life and Love, is a foretaste of eternity….Eternity is God’s measurement of Soul-filled years.”

Breaking Cycles of Anger

What a summer.

Instead of lazy, relaxed and quiet days, the world appears to be exploding in wars and violence. News reports, in an attempt to explain what is going on, frequently point to underlying and unresolved historical feuds – many lasting decades and even centuries.

The patterns of anger, hatred, and retribution are so tangled and emotional, the temptation might be to give up on finding solutions, and give in to war until one side wears down the other. This time.

But this isn’t really a ‘victory’ it seems to me. The real victory would be to break the mental cycle of anger-hatred-revenge. “Easy to say,” you might be thinking, “very hard to do.” Yes, if one is relying only on the emotion of human will and self-justification to provide guidance.

When the desire to be free of mental anguish is stronger than the willingness to be a victim – to be held hostage by anger and hate – then one is finally open to BE what one really is: the inherently wise and compassionate spiritual offspring of divine Love. This true BE-ing overcomes emotional human will and self-destructive thinking that can lead to violent reactions.

In the Old Testament there is an insightful story of a revered, heroic, and powerful leader who is on his way with hundreds of men to kill a prosperous tribal leader and all his people because he has been publicly humiliated by the tribal leader. But a woman – gently, courageously, and insistently – changes the expected tragic outcome.

The biblical account is very clear as to who is the aggrieved (and allegedly justified) party in this case: David, already blessed of God and known as a heroic warrior, had his men protect the shepherds of Nabal, a tribal leader, who were shearing thousands of sheep out in the fields. In return, David asked if Nabal could provide some food and drink for his men.

Instead of an offering of thanks and good will, Nabal hurled insults at the messengers and refused to share any of his bounty. Upon hearing this, David reacted by ordering his men to “Strap on your swords!” And off they went to murder Nabal and his tribe in retribution.

Fortunately, one of the shepherds who had been protected by David approached Nabal’s wife Abigail, and confirmed all the good that David and his men had done for the tribe. They had earned the blessing of the tribe, not insults. “You must do something, or else there is big trouble for all of us,” the shepherd said. It was common knowledge that Nabal was impossible to deal with, but now he had crossed a fateful line.

Immediately, without telling her husband, Abigail gathered up a feast of food carried by donkeys and servants and traveled to intercept David before he came to the tribe’s encampment. But even more important than provisions she came with humility, respect, wisdom, blessing, and the recognition of who David really was: the anointed of God, the loved of God, and the divinely appointed leader of the children of Israel. This spiritual birthright is what she knew she would see. 

When Abigail greets David with fearless love, conviction, and honor, she reminds him who he is and of his purpose in life:

“…God is at work in [you], developing a rule solid and dependable. [You fight] God’s battles! As long as you live no evil will stick to you. When God completes all the goodness he has promised [you] and sets you up as prince over Israel, [you] will not have this dead weight in [your] heart, the guilt of an avenging murder.” I Samuel 25, The Message Bible 

In other words, David, be what you are!

Waking from the mesmerizing nightmare of anger and revenge, David cries, “Blessed be God, the God of Israel. He sent you to meet me! And blessed be your good sense! Bless you for keeping me from murder and taking charge of looking out for me.”

David’s desire to yield to the will of God – to be good and do only righteous justice – instead of his personal will of self-justification broke the victimizing cycle of hatred.

Abigail is described as a woman of good understanding and beautiful countenance. This depth and strength of character in one woman was sufficient to turn away all the hatred, anger, and fear of powerful men. 

I believe we all have the strong, invincible spirit of Abigail divinely original to each of us, and thus are able to see clearly the spiritual birthright, purpose, and rule of divine law that heals every situation. And we all are anointed with the spirit of David to be receptive to the angelic wake-up call that breaks the cycle of anger.

Be Abigail, be David…Remember what you are, be what you are. This is victory.

Our Children, Our Compassion

Whenever I hear patients describing how unsure or fearful or confused they feel about what to think or do in a situation, I turn to prayer – and what I do know: There is one God, one Father-Mother Love of all Her children, and Her children are inseparable from this divine and unconditional Love; this all-powerful Love embraces me, my patients and everyone in whatever is the situation. The spiritual clarity and conviction in this prayer always reveals the next practical thought and action.

The crises at the US border and in Central America, as well as the violence in Africa and the Middle East, are heartbreaking as it is indisputable how raging fear and hatred impact the children. In my experience, only prayer that affirms the all-knowing, all-loving, ever-present and active One can effectively break the hatred and dial down fear so that practical, compassionate actions that bless all concerned may be revealed. The post below from a year ago was written to affirm the importance of daily nurturing the world’s children in our most tender prayers. Now, more than ever, these prayers are needed.

Our Children, Our Treasures 

 “Ah, children, you are the bulwarks of freedom, the cement of society, the hope of our race!” Mary Baker Eddy 

What a promise this is to the entire human race – to our children and to ourselves. Many countries acknowledge a Children’s Day observation during the month of June (the United Nations in November) for the purpose of promoting the welfare of the world’s children.

What, then, is our responsibility to care for the treasure that is our children…to nurture them to full promise? In the last several months in the US there have been weather and man-made disasters that have put our children in harm’s way. For this year’s Children’s Day might we ask ourselves are we doing enough to keep them safe?

Many years ago I was an activist in the prevention of child abuse and neglect. It was clear to me then, as it is now, that children must have adult advocates to keep them safe and to maintain their natural purity and innocence. In this way, I felt, we adults would be redeeming a bit of our own natural childlikeness and innocence. Because how we cherish our children speaks volumes about how we value ourselves, hence the quality of our entire society…and the expectations for our future. 

When I became a spiritual healer, Jesus’ love of children was an example to me. “Jesus loved little children because of their freedom from wrong and their receptiveness of right.” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health) Early in my public speaking days I gave talks on spirituality under the title of “Who’s Caring for America’s Children?”

As an advocate for the spiritual and physical wellbeing of my patients, a special place remains in my heart for the care of children. 

Whenever I am asked to provide healing support of a child, it becomes the focus of my spiritual practice. All my metaphysical prayer stands behind and in defense of that priority. My prayers affirm the little one’s untouched and unchanged pure and perfect being as the loved child of the Father-Mother All. I know with my whole heart that the child’s entire being is not vulnerable, weak or at-risk, but rather strong, protected, and aligned with spiritual power. This is the spiritual power that is always, only Love. Anything unlike Love must fall before it. I stand firmly with my prayer until the material picture is transformed, the threat is passed, and harmony and healing are evident.

In honor of Children’s Day – which is every day to me – I am standing with children as my spiritual priority and my profound hope for society. Shall we all stand together for this great treasure?

We are not powerless to resist the despotic influences that would try to prevent us from performing our highest right and most cherished duty: to affirm and protect the life and innocence of every child. As we do this, we are on the side of the angels – God’s children.

All the children of the world deserve our spiritual priority. Not only will they feel the effect of our deepest prayers, so will those who ask for guidance in putting into practice reasonable and effective safeguards.

When we pray knowing our children truly are the hope of the race, we will care for them as the treasures they are.

Foundations of Freedom – for all!

Dear friends, I want to share just a few of the many heartfelt responses I have received so far from the “Foundations of Freedom: Healing for Detroit”  lecture and children’s gospel choir event recently. Many of you, I know, have been standing with the citizens of Detroit in prayer and healing expectation since my first post a few weeks ago. Here is a message I received several days before the event from a friend in Boston: 

“I stand with Detroit and her citizens and with you…it bears fruit in me as, by your example, I have adjusted my image of Detroit to spiritual perfection. I am knowing that many others will do the same as they…feel the effect of our prayers.”

The morning of the event, one of the volunteers said her first thought was, “Today Detroit will be feeling more of God’s mothering love.” What a great way to start the day! How can all of Detroit not feel the spiritual lift of universal divine care and guidance? How can the city not feel all the prayers from spiritual pray-ers located around the world?!

Before the program began, I spoke with a woman who had come with her two young children. I asked what had brought her? She replied that she’d seen the name of the book, Science and Health, on the ad for the lecture and she wanted to come and learn more about it. “I came to get my copy. God just told me to come today.” Over 200 gift copies of Mary Baker Eddy’s book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures were taken.

Without a doubt, I know from my own experience that the healing message in this book will touch each one’s heart – and radiate out to embrace their family and community.

More conversations:

  • A high-ranking Detroit city official attended. He stayed for the entire program and upon leaving said, “When you do another talk like this, let me know!”
  • A woman said she’d come to see her grandson sing in the choir but, “I got so much more. It was like the holiest day ever!”  Another said, “This is just what we needed.”
  • And another woman said, “Today, after this lecture, you have made me feel we are standing beside each other. Not some folks, in front of me, pulling me forward. We are locked arm in arm.” Another said, “I feel so different about Detroit after this talk. This is our city.”

There have been many stories shared of  ‘reconnections’ – between friends, neighbors, school students and teachers, and church members of many faiths. They came together for this holiest of purposes, to acknowledge the omnipotence of Truth to lead the way to spiritual freedom and vitality, and to show their love for one another by praying for the renewed health of their community.

“…ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (KJV Bible, John 8:32)

One of the attendees told of his journey to the event – a journey that has taken many years. Decades ago, he and his wife thrived in Detroit and raised their family there. They watched the city decline and their own neighborhood deteriorate…and neighbors leave. At one point, they organized a “neighborhood watch” group that helped maintain security for awhile. But finally, with deep sadness, they felt they had to move. They were the second to last of their friends and neighbors to leave.

Lately, he had been having some trouble getting around and driving and hasn’t been able to leave the house very often. When he heard about the lecture in Detroit, he knew he had to be there. He felt like it was a wake up call, and he anticipated this event with such joy and love for the city.

The day came and he was able to attend. He felt he had forgotten to really pray for this Detroit he had always loved. Now he knows what he can do. And he was so very grateful to have participated in this community effort to take a stand for love and freedom for Detroit.

Spiritual healers: Wherever you are, whatever community you live in, whatever circumstance you are facing, you stand on the foundations of spiritual freedom in your prayers.

“…whatever blesses one blesses all…” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health)

Standing with Detroit

A friend and famous sculptor, Marshall Fredericks, created the landmark larger-than-life bronze statue “Spirit of Detroit.” Engraved in the stone wall behind the statue is this inscription from 2 Corinthians:

“Now the Lord is that Spirit:

and where the Spirit of the

Lord is, there is liberty.”

A plaque in front of the sculpture bears the inscription, “The artist expresses the concept that God, through the spirit of man is manifested in the family, the noblest human relationship.”

This weekend I will be standing with all in Detroit.


Our Father

This Father’s Day weekend (celebrated in over 50 countries!), I find myself thinking about all the fathers in the world and what unites them, regardless of nationality or culture.

With the incessant news today about the horrors of wars and tragedies at home and around the globe, it seems to me even more important — actually compelling! — that I pray to understand that all humanity from a spiritual perspective is truly embraced and cherished in the family of man by the Father and Mother of us all, divine Love.

So from this perspective, what binds all fathers — and mothers and children and families — are the inherent qualities shared and expressed. These are soul-filled qualities, originating from the Divine and never lost, taken away, or destroyed. Never. No matter what the human condition might present. 

As I watch the news and hear the stories of fathers talking about their children in the midst of suffering I see courageous honesty and principle, enduring and unrelenting love, rock-solid trust and patience, and the strong arms of comfort and compassion — from them and around them.

This may be a challenge, to strive to see and proclaim the inherent good right in the face of tragedies, but if one has decided to be a ‘helper-healer’ for a community and a world, I think this is the demand of our time. The premise, without question, is that all children of the Divine are loved…and loving.

Support for the helper-healer’s prayerful work can be found in the Bible, beginning with two words — two — that are so powerful, so comforting, they have healed humanity for two millennia:

“Our Father…”

So begins this prayer from Christ Jesus to his followers for all time, a prayer that describes and affirms the universal, impartial, and unconditional love of God for all His children. Whatever individual hurt or pain one may experience, the prayer that heals demands that one include, right from the start, all humanity in the affirmation of unchanging healing love! 

Christ Jesus also offers a parable describing this kind of unconditional love in the story of The Prodigal Son. In a recent post I talked about the lessons from the son’s perspective. What is also powerful and deeply meaningful is to view the parable from the father’s perspective. In fact, this story is often called “The Parable of the Loving Father.”

While the son wanders far from home and loses everything he thinks is of value, the father remains at home base, steadfast, patient, loving, trusting, no matter what. When the son returns, hoping for a place to work and just be in the vicinity of his former home of comfort, his father — Our Father! — runs to embrace his precious son and restores him to a place of honor in his never ever lost home. This is immediate — there is no delay, no trial period or doubt, no judgment, no blame. Only forgiving, healing love.

This is such an important lesson from the father for each of us. When the older son could not understand how the father could ignore all the mistakes of the younger son, the father turns to him with the same unconditional, steadfast, patient, enduring love:

“…Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.”

What grace, what assurance, what abundance from the father! This promise and blessing is for the entire family of man from our Father.

May you all have a happy and blessed Father’s Day!

I [heart] Detroit!

There is a tender, grateful spot in my heart for Detroit. My husband and I loved our life there. We worked there, we volunteered for community groups, and our kids were raised there. That’s not all: Detroit is where I experienced a complete healing from a near-fatal car accident through spiritual prayer alone – which changed the purpose and course of my life. (Click here for the healing account.)

In a way, I feel like I was “born anew” in Detroit after that spiritual experience many years ago. It taught me that I had to choose to believe that divine Life was more powerful than death, and that I – as the beloved child of the Divine – was at that moment and forever the whole expression of thriving, active, living Life. I had to choose the love of Life, not death, in order to live.

My “Detroit Life Lessons” have particular meaning for me now, with news reports of the city decaying and working hard to find a solid foundation in order to move forward. Detroit has declared bankruptcy – usually the very last option for struggling individuals and communities because it is the declaration of failure and expresses the belief that there is nothing more that can be done without drastic changes.

For me, Detroit represents living, creative, vital communities of families, businesses, churches, and schools that have not failed – but now are impacted adversely by this ‘declaration of failure.’

And yet – everything in my experience and my prayers tells me that to accept failure as a starting point for progress is like looking through the wrong end of a telescope in order to see where you need to go. Making the view smaller and farther away limits the scope when instead the perspective needs to be expanded and brought closer for more clarity. I think a spiritual perspective can help provide a wider view and reveal more helpful ideas.

Rather than declare failure, we should declare freedom, spiritual freedom that guarantees ongoing creativity, harmony, productivity, vitality, life. This freedom is inherent in individuals because it is bestowed by the source of all good, divine Life and Love. It is expressed where all citizens gather, in neighborhoods, communities, and cities in the endeavor to be better, to help each other, to build a future. Detroit has done this before: for most of the 20th century Detroit led the world in innovation and productivity!

The spiritual freedom to express unlimited creativity is a constant force for good and unconditional blessing. It is not a finite amount, carved up and meted out to a specific person, place or time. It is a life-giving force that expands and never diminishes, demands progress and never falters, leads the movement of creative thought onward to reinforce active, growing and bestowing Life. Every prayer that affirms this spiritual fact has immediate access to the Source of unlimited creative ideas. Imagine whole communities praying from this starting point!

“God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies. Never ask for tomorrow: it is enough that divine Love is an ever-present help; and if you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment.” (Mary Baker Eddy

Those many years ago when I was lying in my crushed car on Woodward Avenue, frequently I felt like going to sleep, fading into unconsciousness, giving up. But there were moments of absolute clarity when I prayed, “God is my life and I am inseparable from this life!” This conviction, I believe, came at several life-or-death moments in the next few weeks and made all the difference in my eventual healing. I was, with that conviction, born anew.

There is no doubt that Detroit needs to “start anew,” to have a clean slate and a fresh outlook on how to provide an improved quality of life for its citizens, pay its financial obligations and move forward. These are not mutually exclusive objectives with a winner-loser or loser-bigger loser. These objectives are principled and inclusive, showing a spiritual foundation of strength in righteousness, not fear, and abundance for all, not lack or loss.

Best of all, cherishing these objectives is a way to expect freedom, not failure…to express Life, not death.

Calling all spiritual healers: let’s not be lulled into an acceptance of failure or death for Detroit. Instead, let’s mentally take our stand and prayerfully support those tasked with navigating Detroit through these stormy waters, and expect to see evidence of life – life expressed in principled ideas and good progress that embrace and bless all the citizens of Detroit.

Please join me, if you are in the Detroit area, for a free talk on “Foundations of Freedom: Healing for Detroit” and sharing of spiritual ideas.

Date and Time: June 21, 2:00pm

Location: C.H. Wright Museum of African American History, 315 E Warren Ave, Detroit 

For more information, go to www.HealingforDetroit.com

A Prayer for the Military

There are many reasons to appreciate Memorial Day weekend in the United States: it’s a welcome three-day holiday, it’s the unofficial beginning of summer, and for many, it’s a good excuse for a barbecue party (or ‘cook-out’ in New England) with friends and family.

In all the fun of the weekend, how about pausing in quiet reflection and deep gratitude for the real purpose of this day…to remember all those in military service who selflessly gave their lives for love of country. Let’s embrace their families in our prayers as well, because they need to feel especially the love from their grateful country in return.

It seems to me that our service men and women live to the fullest measure the second great commandment of Christ Jesus, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” In Science and Health, the book that has brought comfort and healing to generations of military families, author Mary Baker Eddy relates this biblical commandment to what our military is ultimately striving to do, to help eliminate injustice and create a foundation for peace:

“It should be thoroughly understood that all men have one Mind, one God and Father, one Life, Truth and Love. Mankind will become perfect in proportion as this fact becomes apparent, war will cease and the true brotherhood of man will be established.”

So, on this Memorial Day I am praying with a video poem from spirituality .com of omnipresent protection for those who serve, and those who serve with them: 

A Prayer for the Military (click on this link)